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Youth Blog Space - Jamar
 Welcome to the youth blog space where our very intelligent young people can write blogs and post comments about FYI and other issues facing christian youth.

I feel that the F.Y.I. meetings are a very crucial to the young people and other churches today. They provide information that you need to make it in this world. When I first heard of this meeting to be honest I thought that it would be a joke another thing just to make young people come out. Then when I went to the first one it was truly amazing.


It deals with situations that are happening in the world today; and it takes them to the Bible. My favorite meeting so far would have to be the one when Bro. and Sis. Powell did there presentation. The folders were really cool and I carry mine wherever I go. So if you haven't been to a F.Y.I. meeting you have to come. And I mean HAVE TO COME!!

- Jamar Butler

Adrian DuBose Jr
2008-05-30 12:00 AM

When people talk and think about the youth they say only negatvie things about us, and to be completely honest it really bugs me because when you look at the youth, sure there are som ones out there that just don't care, BUT we fail to mention and see the ones that are in the church every Sabbath and doing the right things. So by having this F.Y.I Program it really gives the youth a chance to speak out and discuss with the "old heads" in the church about the problems and the tribulations that we go through every day. F.Y.I is a great program for the youth, and the name says it all... IT'S FOR YOUR INFORMATION. It's here to help the youth. We my friends are not the youth of tommorow but the youth of TODAY! - Adrian DuBose Jr.

2008-05-30 12:00 AM

I totally agree with what was said. I think the F.Y.I is very special. I really enjoy it myself. It helps us teens really think and focus on life and its real meaning. It helps us realize that Jesus is the way. If you think bout it, in all our topics Jesus is the center of it all. Everything we do and say surrounds the Lord, and his plan for us.

2008-05-30 12:00 AM

yeah FYI be off da chain mayne yaw dont knw wut yaw r missing 4realz!!! especially the Friday nite wen the topic was "you dont knw me like dat"!! WWWOOOOO!!!! dat was just amazing. my uncle and my aunt gave everybody a chance to express their feelings about different situations. yaw gotta come out and sit in and participate. please. thanks. god bless. 1