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 Welcome to the youth blog space where our very intelligent young people can write blogs and post comments about FYI and other issues facing christian youth.

The F.Y.I. session that  occurred on March 14, 2008 clarified the reasons why minorities are stereotyped and labeled as a failure.  I learned that people who misjudge others are ignorant and subjective; however, these people have statistics to back them up. - - Listen up young people, we’re underestimated, misconstrued, and labeled as a disappointment. People don’t know us like that, that’s why they malign us. We need to prove them wrong by doing what is right, and to refuse to just be another statistic.

- Jamila Ellis


2008-05-30 12:00 AM

I agree with Jamila..I see why people are put into stereotypes.

2008-05-30 12:00 AM

I REALLY ENJOYED THE SERMONS GIVEN TONIGHT! I THINK THAT BOTH JAMAR, AND BUCKO did a really good job. They both kept it real, and they both hit the point. I know from each sermon given tonight someone was blessed.Becuase someone in the audience could relate to it.I know i did relate to them both!I also think that it is good practice to get us young people ready for the real world. Because in the last days especially, the Lord will be assinging the youth of today to preach and stand up for him. And he wants us to be ready for the time to come.So he is having some set the example. But i think the y both did wonderfully and I believe that if we encourage eachotha we will have more to stand up for our master!