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Our Pastor

Pastor Dorian Kelly hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica and has been a Seventh Day Adventist Christian for the past 25 years. His early Pastoral training began at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Religion. He entered pastoral work as an evangelist/bible counselor in the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist.  During his tenure there, he met and later married his best friend Jodi- Ann McLeod who is a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica. This union has produced two children, son Dontae and daughter Jaida.

Pastor Kelly later continued his pastoral work in the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist where he served in four Pastoral districts as Associate and Senior Pastor respectively. Sensing the need for further preparation for pastoral ministry, Pastor Kelly enrolled at Andrews University in 2014 where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Administration, with the emphasis in church administration, in 2015. After graduation, he joined the Pastoral staff at Walnut Street Community Seventh-day Adventist church in Pottstown, Pennsylvania  and served as a local church Elder and evangelism missionary.

It is with a sense of deep humility he accepts the appointment as the Senior Pastor for the Truth Tabernacle and Hillside Seventh-day Adventist churches. Pastor Kelly is an ordained pastor, a family man, an evangelist, a gifted organizer, and a compassionate servant-leader who lives by the philosophy 'love in spite of'.


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